Excursions on Friday


Public Library Services and New Learning Environments

The library opens doors to culture, education and recreation and thus promotes wellbeing. In this tour you will visit the newest Library in Tampere.

Health Technology

The Tampere University Hospital campus, a center of expertise of renewing health, has a strong focus in revolutionary research and treatments. The Institute of Biomedical Technology, School of Medicine and Health Sciences of Tampere University and biotechnology hub Finn-Medi along with many R&D companies are located in the area.

Physical Education and Nature Tour

The UKK (Urho Kaleva Kekkonen) Institute for Health Promotion Research implements projects that generate information on the health benefits and promotion of physical activity. The UKK Institute shares the most recent information with health promoters and professionals and give guidelines on healthy physical activity and nutrition.


Mediapolis is center of storytelling and digital industries located in Tampere, Finland. It is a place for today’s TV and movie productions. It is an environment where companies and students are working side-by-side in an energetic atmosphere creating stories for new emerging media. Mediapolis with connections to high technology and community provides a productive frame for success.